Electrical E-8 Student Kymograph with special heavy duty motor, oil lapped gear systems, speeds from 0.12 mm/sec to 640 mm/sec, in 8 steps, jerk free running, instantaneous start & stop clutch. Stainless steel spindle with screw lift 15 x 15cm cylinder with levelling screws, pilot lamp, plug & cord.


6 litre capacity for vital capacity, or use as a gasometer with chain compensated counter balance to the float balanced through cut its movement. Pulley calibrated to denote volume inlet and outlet tubes, side cock for gases, cock for draining off water strong construction. Complete with corrugated tube mouth piece & recording lever.


Heating Mantle

Body in made of one-piece aluminium and is logged with special mineral wool. The panel is provided with on-off switch, energy control knob, pilot lamp etc. Provided with jointless hand knitted heating nets of glass yarn capable of withstanding high temperature upto 400oC. Single supplied complete with cord & plug to work on 220 V AC 50 Hz single phase. Single circuit system has been adopted.

Capacity Wattages
a. 50ml 60
b. 100ml 60
c. 250ml 150
d. 500ml 200
e. 1 liters 300
f. 2 liters 450
g. 3 liters 450
h. 5 liters 600
i. 10 ltrs 2x500

Tablet Coating Pan

12" Dia, Stainless Steel : The machine is worked by oil immersed gearbox with 1/4 H.P. motor driven, or by heavy duty DC geared motor. Air blower is operated independently and air is thermostatically controlled to give temperature 30,° to 110,°C. Switches for motor & blower are fixed on a panel with neon indicators. Also mains lead with 15 Amp plug provided.


Hardness Tester

Capacity 0 to 20Kg dial type, packed in niced polished wooden box.

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