Item Code   Item Code  
SE 101 2-6 V DC/1 Amp. SE 451 Measurement of High Resistance using Substitution Method
SE 102 2-6 V DC/2 Amp. SE 452 Lissajous Figure Apparatus
SE 103 2-6 V DC/3 Amp. SE 453 Stefan Constant Apparatus
SE 104 2-12 V DC/1 Amp. SE 454 Dielectric Constant Apparatus (Solid & Liquid)
SE 105 2-12 V DC/2 Amp. SE 455 Calibration of Voltmeter using Potentiometer
SE 106 2-12 V DC/3 Amp. SE 456 Calibration of Ammeter using Potentiometer
SE 107 2-12 V DC/5 Amp. SE 457 Laser experimental set up (He-Ne Laser)
    SE 458 Laser experimental set up (Diode Laser)
    SE 460 He-Ne Laser 2mW
SE 110 2-12 V/1 A in the steps of 2 Volts. SE 461 Michelson Interferometer
SE 111 2-12 V/2 A in the steps of 2 Volts. SE 462 Ultrasonic interferometer
SE 112 2-12 V/3 A in the steps of 2 Volts.    
SE 113 2-12 V/5 A in the steps of 2 Volts. TESTING & MEASUREMENT INSTRUMENTS
  BATTERY CHARGERS SE 471 CRO 10MHz, Single Trace
    SE 472 CRO 10MHz, Dual Channel, 2 Trace
SE 115 2-12 VDC/2 Amp. SE 473 CRO 30MHz, Dual Channel, 2 Trace
SE 116 2-12 VDC/2 Amp. SE 474 CRO 60MHz, Dual Channel, 2 Trace
SE 117 2-12 VDC/5 Amp. SE 475 CRO 30MHz, Dual Channel, 2 Trace with component Tester
    SE 481 DSO 25MHz (Color LCD Display)
    SE 483 DSO 100MHz (Color LCD Display)
SE 120 2-12 VAC/1 Amp. SE 484 Vaccum Tube Volt-Ohmmeter (VTVM)
SE 121 2-12 VAC/2 Amp. SE 485 EPROM Programmer
SE 122 2-12 VAC/3 Amp. SE 486 EPROM Eraser
SE 123 2-12 VAC/5 Amp. SE 487 Micro-Controller Programmer
    SE 488 Stroboscope (50~40000FPM)
    SE 490 Flux Meter
SE 125 6V- / 3 Amp. (Suitable for Callender and Barneís Apparatus) SE 491 OUTPUT POWER METER
SE 126 8V / 3 Amp. (Suitable for Electromagnet Apparatus & Sonometer SE 492 LCR Q Meter (Bridge Type)
SE 127 Transformer for Sodium Vapour Lamp 35 watts. SE 493 MILLIVOTMETER AC
SE 128 Transformer for Sodium Vapour Lamp 55 watts. SE 494 Signal Tracer
    SE 495 Signal Injector
  AC/DC POWER SUPPLIES SE 496 Sweep Generator with X-Y Display with Market/ Wobbuloscope
    SE 497 Pattern Generator (Black & White)
SE 130 2-12V/1Amp. SE 498 Pattern Generator (Colour)
SE 131 2-12V/2Amp. SE 499 Digital IC Tester
SE 132 2-12V/3Amp. SE 500 Analog Tester
SE 133 2-12V/5Amp. SE 501 Universal IC Tester
    SE 511 Audio Frequency Function Generator 1Hz to 100KHz
SE 135 0-15V/1 Amp. (Two Analog Meters) SE 512 Audio Frequency Function Generator 1Hz to 200KHz
SE 136 0-15V/2 Amp. (Two Analog Meters) SE 513 Function Generator 0.1Hz to 1MHz (Analog)
SE 137 0-30V/1 Amp. (Two Analog Meters) SE 514 Function Generator 0.1Hz to 1MHz (with frequency counter)
SE 138 0-30V/2 Amp. (Two Analog Meters) SE 515 Function Generator 0.2Hz to 2MHz (with frequency counter)
SE 139 0-30V/3 Amp. (Two Analog Meters) SE 516 Function Generator 0.3Hz to 3MHz (with frequency counter)
SE 140 0-30V/5 Amp. (Two Analog Meters) SE 517 Function Generator 1Hz to 10MHz (with frequency counter)
SE 141 0-15V/1 Amp. (One Analog Meters) SE 518 Function Generator 2Hz to 20MHz (with frequency counter)
SE 142 0-15V/25 Amp. (One Analog Meters) SE 519 Fixed Frequency Sine Wave Oscillator 1KHz
    SE 520 Spot Frequency Oscillator (400, 1K, 3K) HZ
SE 522 RF Oscillator 3MHz-8MHz
    SE 523 Pulse Generator 0.1Hz-1MHz
SE 145 0 -+-15V/1 Amp. SE 524 8 digit frequency counter 10Hz~2.4GHz
SE 146 0 -+-15V/2 Amp. SE 525 AM/FM Signal Generator
SE 147 0 -+-30V/1 Amp.  
SE 149 Multi Output DC Regulated Power Supply
0-5V/2A, 0 -+-15V/1 A
SE 531 31/2 Digit digital Multimeter ( Manual Range)
    SE 532 33/4 Digital Multimeter (Auto Range)
  SPECIAL PURPOSE DC REGULATED POWER SUPPLIERS SE 533 33/4 Digit Digital Multimeter with Freq. Counter of 30MHz (Auto Range)
SE 150 Fixed Output DC Regulated Power Supply +5V/1A SE 534 Tachometer (Photo Type 5~9,999RPM)
SE 151 Fixed Output DC Regulated Power Supply +5V/2A SE 535 Tachometer 2 in 1 (Contact Type 0.5~19,999RPM & Photo type 5~99,999RPM
SE 152 Fixed Output DC Regulated Power Supply +12V/1A
SE 153 Fixed Output DC Regulated Power Supply +12V/2A SE 536 33/4 Digital Clamp Meter
SE 154 Electronic Standard Cell Output Voltage 1.018 VDC    
SE 155 Electronic Daniel Cell Output Voltage 1.08 VDC   GENERAL SPARES
SE 156 Electronic Lechlanche Cell Output Voltage 1.5 VDC    
SE 157 Power Supply for Analog & Digital Lab Modules +-V/250mA, +-12V/250mA SE 538 Oscilloscope Test Probe 1:10
SE 539 Oscilloscope Test Probe Sample
SE 158 DC Regulated Power Supply for Electrophoresis Apparatus    
SE 160 DC Regulated Power Supply for Tetrode/Pentode Valve Characteristics    
SE 551 DC Voltage + 199.9mV, +19.99V, +199.9V, +1000V
SE 161 DC Regulated Power Supply for Millikan’s Oil Drop Apparatus SE 552 AC Voltage 199.9mV, 1.999V, 19.99V, 199.9V, 750V
SE 162 Low Tension AC/DC Power Supply 0-25VAC/10A, 0-25VDC/10A SE 553 DC Current +199.9mA, +1.999mA, +19.99mA, +199.9mA, +1.999A, 19.99A
SE 163 DC Source 0-12VDC/10Amp. (Suitable for Kelvin Bridge) with Smooth DC Output Voltage & One Meter to measure Output Voltage.
SE 554 AC Current 199.9mA, 1.999mA, 19.99mA, 199.9mA, 1999A, 19.99A
SE 170 PN junction Diode on Board (IN 34 or equipment) SE 561 Single Dial (Any Value)
SE 171 Zener Diode (8.2V or any other value) on board SE 562 Two Dial (Any Value)
SE 172 PNP/NPN Transistor on Board SE 563 Three Dials (Any Value)
SE 173 LDR (5mm on board) SE 564 Four Dial (Any Value)
SE 174 Thermistor on board (Any valve from 100 ohm-100K ohm). SE 565 Paper Condenser in Bakelite/Wooden Box Any Value from 0.001 to 1F.
SE 175 Diode Valve (6H6) on board.
SE 176 Diode Valve (6AL5) on board.    
SE 177 Triode Valve (6J5/6C5) on board.   DECADE INDUCTANCE BOXES
SE 178 Triode Valve (ECC 82) on board.    
SE 179 Tetrode/Pentode Valve (6SJ7) on board. SE 571 Single Dial (Any Value)
SE 180 Thyratron Valve (2D21) on board. SE 572 Two Dial (Any Value)
SE 181 Thyratron Valve (2051) on board. SE 573 Three Dial (Any Value)
SE 182 Photo Cell Selenium type mounted in the box. SE 574 Four Dial (Any Value)
SE 183 Photo Cell Vacuum type Mounted in the wooden box with aperture for light SE 575 Air Code Inductance in Wooden Box (Any Value From 0.1mH to 100mH)
    SE 576 Same as SE 575 but any value upto (Any Value from 101mH to 1 H)
  ELECTRONIC LAB TRANING MODULES (CHARACTERISTICS & APPLICATON SE 577 Same as SE 575 but any value upto (Any Value from 1.1 H to 10 H)
SE 202 Triode Valve Characteristics Apparatus
SE 203 Tetrode/Pentode Valve Characteristics Apparatus    
SE 204 Lonization Potential of Mercury using Thyratron Valve 2D1/2051 SE 581 Single Dial (Any Value)
SE 205 Thyratron Valve Characteristics Apparatus using Thyratron Valve 2D21 SE 582 Three Dial (Any Value)
SE 583 Four Dial (Any Value)
SE 206 Plank’s Constant Apparatus SE 584 Five Dial (Any Value)
SE 207 Photo Cell Characteristics Apparatus SE 585 Six Dial (Any Value)
SE 208 Hall effect Experiment SE 586 Metal Film Resistance to 0.5 Watt in Bakelite (Any Value)
SE 209 Work Function of Diode (Richardson Law)    
SE 210 Microphone & Loudspeaker Trainer (Frequency Response)   PORTABLE METER / WATT METERS
SE 211 ‘H’ Parameters of PNP Transistor in Common Emitter Mode    
SE 212 Transistor Characteristics Apparatus with Regulated Power Supply SE 591 AC Voltmeter MI 0-15, 30, 60,Ö..600VAC
(Any Range)
SE 212A Transistor Characteristics Apparatus (CE PNP SE 592 Dual Range AC Voltmeter MI 0-15/30, 75/150,…300/600VAC (Any Range)
SE 212B Transistor Characteristics Apparatus (CE PNP)
SE 212C Transistor Characteristics Apparatus (CB PNP) SE 593 DC Voltmeter MC 0-1, 3, 5,….600VDC (Any 1 Range)
SE 212D Transistor Characteristics Apparatus (CB NPN) SE 594 Dual Range DC Voltmeter MC 0-5/10, 10/20, 75/150,..300/600VDC(Any 1 Range)
SE 213 PN Junction Diode / Semiconductor Diode Characteristics Apparatus SE 595 AC Current Meter Moving Iron 0-1, 2, 5,…50A (Any 1 Range)
SE 596 Dual Range AC Current Meter MI 0-1/2, 2.5/5,…15/30A (Any 1 Range)
SE 213A -do-ame as SE 213 but with 4 round meters SE 597 DC Current Meter Moving Coil 0-1, 2, 5,…50A (Any One Range)
SE 214 Zener Diode Characteristics Apparatus (Forward & Reverse V-l Characteristics) SE 598 Dual Range DC Current Meter MC 0-1/2, 2.5/5,…15/30A (Any 1 Range)
SE 215 Voltage Stabilization Characteristics of Zener Diode SE 599 Single Phase Analog Watt Meter PC: 300V, CC: 10A
SE 216 Zener Diode Characteristics & Voltage Stabilization SE 600 Single Phase Analog Dual Range Watt PC: 75/150V, CC: 5A/10A
SE 217 PN Junction/Zener Diode/LED Characteristics Apparatus
(Forward & Reverse V-l Characteristics Apparatus
SE 601 Single Phase Digital Watt Meter 100-1000 Watts, PC: 300V, CC: 5Amps
SE 218 Energy Band Gap of Junction Diode SE 602 Three Phase Digital Watt PC: 40, 0V, 3 Phase, 4 wair with CT, CC:5Amps
SE 219 Thermistor Characteristics Apparatus    
SE 220 Resistivity of semiconductors by four probe method at
Different Temperatures & Determination of Bandgap
SE 221 SCR Characteristics Apparatus with Regulated Power Supply SE 611 8031/8051 Micro Controller Training Kit With Inbuilt Power Supply
SE 222 UJT Characteristics Apparatus with Regulate Power Suppliers SE 612 8085 Microprocessor Training Kit with Inbuilt Power Supply
SE 223 UJT Characteristics Apparatus and UJT as Relaxation Oscillator SE 613 8086 Microprocessor Training Kit With Inbuilt Power Supply
SE 224 FET Characteristics Apparatus with Regulated Suppliers    
SE 225 MOSFEET Characteristics Apparatus with Regulated Power Suppliers   INTERFACING CARDS
SE 226 IGBT Characteristics Apparatus with Regulated Power Suppliers SE 614 ADC-0809 Interface
SE 227 Diac Characteristics Apparatus with Two Meters SE 615 Dual DAC Interface
SE 228 Triac Characteristics Apparatus with Regulated Power Suppliers SE 616 Logic Controller Interface
SE 229 Characteristics & Applications of Basic Thyristors SE 617 Elevator Simulator I-Face
SE 230 LDR Characteristics Apparatus SE 618 IC Tester Interface
SE 231 LED Characteristics Apparatus SE 619 Display interface
SE 232 Photo Diode Characteristics Apparatus SE 620 Stepper Motor Interface
SE 233 Photo Transistor Characteristics Apparatus SE 621 Stepper Motor 0.25 kg-cm Torque
SE 234 Characteristics of Opto Electronic Devices SE 622 Power Supply for Stepper Motor of 0.25 kg-cm Torque
SE 235 Solar Cell Characteristics Apparatus SE 623 Keyboard Interface
SE 236 Characteristics & Application of Semiconductors &
Tyristors (SCR, Disc, Traic, UJT, Diode & Zener)
SE 624 LCD Display Interface
SE 625 Traffic Light Controller Card
SE 237 Tunnel Diode Characteristics Apparatus SE 626 Temperature Measurement Card with Thermocouple
SE 238 Measurement of Peak, Average & RMS Value od a AC Signal SE 627 DC Motor Controller Card With Motor & Power Supply
SE 239 Verification of KCL and KVL (Kirchoff’s Law) SE 628 Relay & Opto Couple Card
SE 240 Resistances in Series & Parallel Apparatus SE 629 LED Display Matrix Card
SE 241 Ohm’s Law Apparatus SE 630 Thumb Wheel Switch Card
SE 241A Ohm’s Law Apparatus (With Power Supply)    
SE 242 Charging & Discharging of Condenser   STUDY CARDS
SE 244 BH Curve Apparatus    
SE 245 Conversion of Galvanometer into a Voltmeter SE 635 8212 Memory Decoder Card
SE 246 Conversion of Galvanometer into a Ammeter SE 636 8251/8253 Study Card
SE 247 Conversion of Galvanometer into a Voltmeter & Ammeter SE 637 8255 PPI Study Card
SE 248 Voltage Doubler & Tripler Circuit SE 638 8257 DMA Study Card
SE 249 LCR Resonance Apparatus SE 639 8259 PIC Study Card
SE 249A LCR Resonance Circuit with built in Sine wave oscillator SE 640 8279 Keyboard Display Controller Supply Card
SE 250 LCR Impedance Circuit Apparatus SE 641 8155 PPI with timer card
SE 251 RC Circuit as High Pass & Low Pass Filters SE 642 6264 RAM Study Card
SE 252 Clipping & Clamping Circuit Apparatus SE 643 373 Latch Study Card
SE 253 Clipping Circuit Apparatus SE 644 50Pin FRC cable to connect the kit & each study card
SE 254 Clamping Circuit Apparatus   (Not Provided with Cards Order Separately)
SE 255 Half Wave / Full Wave & Bridge Rectifier Apparatus    
SE 256 Ripple Factor Apparatus ELECTRICAL BRIDGES
SE 257 Study of Voltage Regulation using IC 317    
SE 258 Study of Voltage Regulation using Zener Diode & Transistors SE 651 Anderson Bridge
SE 259 Study of Voltage Regulation using 78 series voltage regulators SE 652 Schering Bridge for Capacity Measurement
SE 260 Study of LR Circuit with a source of alternating E.M.F. SE 653 Industrial Kelvin Double Bridge to measure small values
SE 261 Study of switching action of a transistor (BJT)   resistance Of 0.2 micro ohm to 11 ohm
    SE 654 Kelvin Bridge Student
AMPLIFIERS SE 655 Maxwell Inductance Bridge
    SE 656 Weins Capacitance Bridge (Capacity Measurement)
SE 285 Common Emitter Transistor Amplifier SE 657 Weins Bridge (Frequency Measurement)
SE 286 Common Base Transistor Amplifier SE 658 Wheatstone Bridge (Portable)
SE 287 Common Collector (Emitter Followers) Transistor Amplifier SE 659 Desauty Bridge
SE 289 Study of Transistor Amplifier Circuit (CE, CB & CC Modes) SE 660 Carry Foster Slide Wire Bridge
SE 290 FET Common Source Amplifier SE 661 Religh Bridge
SE 291 Transistor Push Pull Amplifier SE 662 Owen Bridge
SE 292 Study of Darlington Pair Amplifier SE 663 Hay Bridge
SE 293 Study of Class ‘A’ ‘B’ “AB’ and Push Pull Amplifier SE 664 LCR / AC Bridge
SE 294 Biasing of Transistor in Class ‘A’ Operation SE 665 Digital Null Detectors
SE 295 Biasing Techniques of Transistor (BJT)    
SE 671 Experiments of Reflex Klystron
    SE 672 Experiments on Gunn Diode
SE 301 Operational Amplifier a Inverting & Non Inverting Amplifier SE 673 Experimental to measure the Polar Pattern & Gain Chair of the
SE 302 Application of Operational Amplifiers   Antena
SE 303 Operational Amplifier Trainer (With one digital meter) SE 674 Experimental to measure Dielectric Constant of Solids & Liquid
SE 304 Study of Characteristics of operation Amplifier   and t Measure Phase Shift & ĎQí of a cavity
SE 305 Operational Amplifiers as differentiator & Trigger SE 675 Study of Microwave components (Magic T, Directional Coupler,
SE 306 Study of Operational Amplifier as Schmitt Trigger   Isolator, Circulator
SE 307 Study of Operational Amplifier as Sine to Square Wave Convertor SE 676 VSWR Meter
SE 308 Study of Operational Amplifiers as Square to Triangular & Triangular to Square wave convertor SE 677 Power Meter 8.2 GHz.~12GHz
SE 678 Power Meter 10 MHz.~18GHz
SE 309 Study of Operational Amplifier as Clipping and Clamping Circuit    
SE 310 Study of Operational Amplifier as V to I &I V Convertor   VERIFICATION OF THEROREMS
SE 311 s Study of Operational Amplifier as Voltage and Current feed Back Amplifier    
SE 701 Verification of Network Theorem
SE 312 Study of Instrumentation Amplifier SE 702 Verification of Super Position Theorem
SE 313 Study of Logarithmic Amplifier SE 703 Verification of Nortonís Theorem
SE 314 Operational Amplifier as Voltage Comparator SE 704 Verification of Thevininís Theorem
SE 315 Linear Wave Shaping Circuit SE 705 Verification of Telleganís Theorem
    SE 706 Verification of Maximum Power Transfer Theorem
  EXPERIMENTS TO CALCULATE e/m SE 707 Verification of Millimanís Theorem
    SE 708 Verification of Reciprocity Theorem
SE 321 e/m by Thomson Method SE 709 Verification of Norton & Thevinin Theorem
SE 322 e/m by Helical Method    
SE 323 e/m by Short Solenoid Method INSTRUMENTATION LAB
SE 324 e/m by Magnetic Focusing Method    
SE 325 e/m by Millikan’s Oil Drop Method SE 800 Load Cell Trainer
SE 326 GM Counter experimental Setup SE 801 Pressure Measurement Trainer
    SE 802 Measurement of Displacement using LVDT
  OSCILLATORS SE 803 Measurement of Temperature using R.T.D.
    SE 804 Measurement of Temperature using Thermocouple
SE 331 HARTLEY Oscillator SE 805 Measurement of Distance Using magnetic Pickup
SE 332 Colpitt’s Oscillator SE 806 Sample & Hold Trainer
SE 333 Phase Shift Oscillator    
SE 334 Wein Bridge Oscillator using Operational Amplifier IC 741   IPCB DESIGNING LAB
SE 335 Wein Bridge Oscillator using Transistor    
SE 336 Relaxation Oscillator using UJT SE 830 Film Making Unit
SE 337 Study of Crystal Oscillator SE 831 PCB Curing/Oven Machine
    SE 832 U.V. Exposure Machine Double Sided
  STUDY OF MULTIVIBRATORS & APPLICATIONS OF IC 555 SE 833 Photoresist Dip Coating Machine
    SE 834 PCB Etching Machine
SE 341 Applications of IC 555 SE 835 Roller Tinning Machine
SE 342 Monostable Multivibrator using IC 555 SE 836 PCB Drilling Machine
SE 343 Monostable Multivibrator using Transistors SE 837 PCB Shearing Machine
SE 344 Astable Multivibrator using IC 555 SE 838 DYE/Developer (2 in 1Unit)
SE 345 Astable Multivibrator using Transistors SE 839 Artwork Table
SE 346 Bistable Multivibrator using IC 555 SE 840 Dry Film Laminator
SE 347 Bistable Multivibrator using Transistors SE 841 Proto Developers/Stripper
SE 348 Monostable & Free Running Multivibrator using IC 555 SE 842 PTH Plant (Thru Hole Plating System)
SE 349 Monostable & Free Running Multivibrator using Transistors    
    SE 851 Study of Different Resistors & Colour Coding
SE 351 Bread Board with Power Suppliers (Genaral Purpose) SE 852 Study of Different Potentiometer
SE 352 Bread Board (1 distribution & 2 Connection Strips) total 740 Tie Point SE 853 Study of Different Capacitors & Colour Coding
SE 854 Study of Different Switches
SE 353 Operational Amplifier Kit (Bread Board Model) SE 855 Study of Different Band Switches
SE 354 Digital Electronic Circuit Trainer (Bread Board Model) SE 856 Study of Different Diodes
    SE 857 Study of Different Transistors
    SE 859 Display Board on Different IC’s
SE 371 Study of Logic Gates using TTL IC’s (7 in 1)    
SE 372 Study of Logic Gates using TTL IC’s (6 in 1)   DYNAMIC DEMONSTRATORS & TRAINERS
SE 373 Basic Logic Gates using discrete components (5 in 1)    
SE 374 Study of RTL Logic Gate (5 in 1) SE 876 CRO Trainer 10 MHz
SE 375 Verification of Boolean identities, Logic gates & Demorgan’s Theorems SE 877 CRO Trainer 20 MHz
SE 878 Colour TV Trainer (With 20” CCRT)
SE 376 Verification of Demoragan’s Theorems SE 879 VCD Demonstrator
SE 377 Verification of truth tables of logic gates using universal gates (NAND & NOR gates) SE 880 DVD Demonstrator
SE 881 Stereo Tape Recorder Demonstrator
SE 378 Study of 4 Bit Adders and Subtractor SE 882 Functional Generator Demonstrator
SE 379 Study of Adder & Subtractor using OR, EX-OR, AND & NOT gates SE 883 FM Receiver Demonstrator
SE 380 Digital Trainer to Verify Half Adder & Full adder SE 884 AM Radio Receiver Demonstrator (Two Band)
SE 381 Digital Trainer to verify Adders & Subtractor using NAND gates SE 885 UPS Trainer Demonstrator
SE 382 Digital Trainer to study & verify truth tables of Flip Flops using TTL IC’s and NAND Gates SE 886 SMPS Demonstrator
SE 887 EPABX Trainer
SE 383 Study & Verify truth tables of ‘JK’ & ‘JK’ Master Slave ‘Flip Flop SE 888 Telephone Trainer
SE 384 Study of left, Right & Programmable Shift Register    
SE 385 Study of Encoder & Decoder Circuits   CONTROL SYSTEM LAB
SE 386 Study of 4 Bit Counters (Synchronous & Asynchronous)    
SE 387 Study of 16 to 1 line multiplexer & 1 to 16 line Demultiplexer SE 900 Stepper Motor Controller with Microcontroller Interface
SE 388 Analog to Digital (A/D) Convertor SE 901 Synchro Transmitter/Receiver Trainer
SE 389 Digital to Analog (D/A) Convertor using R-2R Network SE 903 Magnetic error detector
SE 390 Digital to Analog (D/A) Convertor using Weighted Register Network SE 904 Magnetic Pick up System (Series & Parallel)
SE 905 Light Intensity Controller System
SE 391 Study of Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) SE 906 Speed torque characteristics of AC servomotor
SE 392 RAM Circuit using IC 7489 SE 908 Linear System Simulator
SE 393 Study of Parity Generator/Checker SE 909 Temperature System Simulator
SE 394 TTL –CMOS & CMOS-TTL Interfacing SE 910 PID Controller
SE 395 TTL IC Characteristics Apparatus SE 911 Advanced PID Controller with Microcontroller
SE 396 CMOS IC Characteristics Apparatus SE 912 Compensation Design System
    SE 913 DC Speed Control System
  ACTION & PASSIVE FILTER CBIRCUITS (Study of Frequency Response) SE 914 Digital Control System
SE 915 AC Motor Position Controller
    SE 916 DC Motor Position Controller
SE 401 ‘T’ Type Passive Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass & Band Stop Filters SE 917 Relay Control System
SE 402 M-Derived ‘T Type Passive Low Pass & High Pass Filter    
SE 403 ‘ ‘ Type Passive Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass & Band Stop Filter    
SE 404 Twin-T Active Notch filter using Operational Amplifier    
SE 405 Study of Active Filters (First Order Low Pass, second Order Low Pass & Second Order High Pass Filter) using Op-Amplifier    
SE 406 ‘T’ ‘ ‘ & Bridge ‘T’ type Attenuators    
SE 407 Transient Response of RLC Circuit with built-in Square Wave Oscillator    
SE 408 Cascaded Two Port Network    
SE 409 RC, Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass & Band Stop Filters    
SE 410 Study of Symmetrical & Asymmetrical Networks    
SE 421 Study of Amplitude Modulation & Demodulation    
SE 422 Study of ASK (Amplitudes Shift Keying) Modulation & Demodulation    
SE 423 Study of Frequency Modulation & Demodulation    
SE 424 Study of FSK Modulation & Demodulation    
SE 425 Study of Pulse Amplitude Modulation & Demodulation    
SE 426 Study of Pulse Width Modulation & Demodulation    
SE 427 Study of Pulse Position Modulation & Demodulation    
SE 428 PAM/PPM/PWM Modulation & Demodulation    
SE 429 Phase Modulation & Demodulation    
SE 430 Phase Shift Keying (PSK) Modulation & Demodulation    
SE 431 Time Division Multiplexer ( TDM)    
SE 432 Pulse Code Modulation & Demodulation    
SE 433 Delta Modulation & Demodulation    
SE 434 Analog Fibre Optic Trainer    
SE 435 Adaptive Delta Modulation & Demodulation    
SE 436 Single Side Band Modulation & Demodulation    
SE 437 Analog Signal Sampling and Reconstruction Kit    
SE 438 Frequency Division Multiplexer and Demultiplexer    
SE 439 TDM Pulse Code Modulation Transmitter Trainer    
SE 440 TDM Pulse Code Modulation Receiver Trainer    
SE 441 QPSK Modulation & Demodulation Trainer    
SE 442 DSB/SSB AM Transmitter Trainer    
SE 443 DSB/SSB AM Receiver Trainer    
SE 444 GSM Trainer    
SE 445 Mobile Phone Trainer    
SE 446 Transmission Line Trainer    
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